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The University Coat of Arms


The University coat of arms is the image of an open book in the temple of knowledge with the medical emblem in the centre: a serpent


The Flag

The University flag has been sewn out of white silk and gold-thread. According to the heraldic tradition, the emblem and the name Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" have been embroidered in blue on white silk background. The flag is kept in the Assembly hall and is used on certain solemn occasions. A special student and two assistants elected by the Student Council have the honour to carry the flag.



The Mace


The University mace is crowned by two crisscrossing spheres and a serpent in the centre symbolizing medical knowledge, power and dignity. Its origin is related to the ancient symbol of medicine: Asclepius's staff and a serpent entwined around it. The top of the staff is a jade ball, the stone of eternity, strength and knowledge.







The Rector's Necklace    

The Rector's necklace has a round shape which symbolizes the infinity of scientific knowledge. The medallion is made of bronze.The University logo is engraved in its centre. The foundation is made of blue stone symbolizing human ideals. The University coat of arms is engraved on the Dean's necklace.



The Toga

The Rector's toga is black with a red scarf.

It has been introduced and established in the academic ceremony as a sign of the Rector's dignity and prestige






The symbols of the Rector's status are worn during:

    • University festivities;
    • Solemn processions;
    • Official meetings of the Academic Council.

    University Holidays

    • Official opening of the academic year: the first year students are introduced to the academic society
    • Graduation ceremonies
    • University's  foundation day and anniversary is celebrated on October 1st.
    • Day of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival – November 1st
    • Day of Slavic alphabet and culture -  May 24th
    • Students'day -  December 8th.