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Research Institute at Medical University of Varna


Tel: +359 52 677 082

About: Research Institute at Medical University of Varna

The Research Institute at the Medical University of Varna (RIMU-Varna) was founded by Decree No. 80, dated 14 April 2016, of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.

It is mainly at RIMU-Varna where foundational, clinical, and translational research takes place. This research is carried out in the fields which are a priority for the Medical University of Varna in concordance with the national scientific priorities in the fields of medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, health care, public health and other interdisciplinary areas. RIMU-Varna assists in utilizing and popularizing the research results for the purpose of improving human health and health care. With its noteworthy scientific work, RIMU-Varna is building the image of the Medical University of Varna as a research center of national and European significance.

The RI-MUV has 5 major departments corresponding to the 5 main scientific priorities of MUV (2015-2020): 

  • Department of Nutrition and Quality of life
  • Department of Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Department of Neuroscience
  • Department of Oncology
  • Department of Health management

The mission of RIMU-Varna is to serve as an academic platform allowing the academic staff of Varna Medical University and guest scientists to carry out experimental and applied research in the field of medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, health care and public health.

The institute aims to channel the scientific potential of its experts, research base and data into research aligned with the needs of the business and industry. Its founders intend to turn the institute into a practice-oriented science incubator. This new university unit will stimulate the university's research and development activities and harmonize the processes of organizing and carrying out large-scale research projects.

The Medical University of Varna participates as a partner in many studies in the field of clinical medicine and public health. A change in the rules for funding and working is planned to take place before 2019 and this change will help raise the number of scientific studies carried out in the university. A major part of them will tackle the diagnostics and treatment of socially significant and rare diseases.