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Affiliate Sliven

The Affiliate of Medical University - Varna in the city of Sliven was established by a decision of the National Assembly from 30th January 2013 and provides training in the specialties of the regulated professions "Nurse" and "Midwife", full time education. The educational and qualification degree is "Bachelor" and the period of study lasts four years, the last one being pre-graduation traineeship.

The Affiliate takes full advantage of the resources of the University, as the entire lecture part of the training is electronically based. Students have the opportunity to attend the lectures of their lecturers at the same time together with their fellow students from the University in Varna, thanks to online video conferencing.

The training is conducted at "Dr. Ivan Seliminski" Hospital - Sliven. Presently the Affiliate has at its disposal the halls of residence of the Affiliate of the Technical University - Sofia in the city of Sliven.