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Alumni Club

Alumni Club of Medical University Varna ACMUV

The Alumni Club of Medical University Varna (ACMUV) is a volunteer organization of graduates or more broadly, of former students (alumni) of this University.

As the international meaning of similar organizations often refers to spontaneously formed groups with alumni from the same field of education or similar professional links, our aim is to get-together graduates of Alma Mater and any other colleagues from any other medical institutions around the world.

Thus, the Alumni Club of the Medical University of Varna (Bulgaria) shall include both, members and friends of ACMUV, and everybody, who has some connections, academic, professional, business or scientific, as well as emotional links to our University, is warmly welcome to be a member or a friend of ACMUV.

Our Alumni Club has a very wide and promising Agenda for the activities planned by the University authorities:

  • organization of social events,
  • publishing of a newspaper or bulletin,
  • raising funds for the annual assembly of ACMUV,
  • provision of a variety of benefits and services that help the alumni members and  friends,
  • maintain connections to their educational institutions and fellow graduates from same or affiliated universities,
  • support of new alumni,
  • plans of forums to activate new friendship, academic and business relationships with people and societies of the same or similar background.

As our ACMUV observes the rules and regulations of well-established European and American Alumni clubs, we follow their model of organization and realization.

The ACMUV has Headquartered in the Rectorate of the Medical University of Varna, as well as chapters (with regional coordinators) by cities, districts and countries around the world.