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Alumni Club

Mission & goals

Medical University of Varna – ALUMNI CLUB (members and friends)

The Alumni Club of Medical University Varna (ACMUV) is a volunteer organization of graduates or more broadly, of former students (alumni) of this University.

As the international meaning of similar organizations often refers to spontaneously formed groups with alumni from same field of education or similar professional links, our aim is to get-together graduates of Alma Mater and any other colleagues from any other medical institutions around the world.

Thus, the Alumni Club of the Medical University of Varna (Bulgaria) shall include both, members and friends of ACMUV, and everybody, who has some connections, academic, professional, business or scientific, as well as emotional links to our University, is warmly welcome to be a member or a friend of ACMUV.

Our Alumni Club has a very wide and promising Agenda for the activities planned by the University authorities:

-          organization of social events,

-          publishing of a newspaper or bulletin,

-          raising funds for the annual assembly of ACMUV,

-          provision of a variety of benefits and services that help the alumni members and  friends,

-          maintain connections to their educational institutions and fellow graduates from same or affiliated universities,

-          support of new alumni,

-         plans of forums to activate new friendship, academic and business relationships with people and societies of same or similar background.

As our ACMUV observes the rules and regulations of well-established European and American Alumni clubs, we follow their model of organization and realization.

The ACMUV has Headquarters in the Rectorate of the Medical University of Varna, as well as chapters (with regional coordinators) by cities, districts and countries around the world.

Hereby, we list the actual examples of our main goals and aims of activities, in and out of Bulgaria:

The members and friends of ACMUV are free to:

Participate in local ACMUV chapter:
Attend events and other special happenings with alumni in Varna area

Connect with their present or former class:
Stay connected through special class-specific events and programs.

Stay connected to Alma Mater Graduate School:
Check out this page for the latest issue of the Graduate Alumni Newsletter and news especially geared for graduate alumni.

Tap into your spirituality:
Check out the various many service options and spirituality programs offered throughout the year.

Log into the Alumni Online Community:
Exchange news, share stories and memories, look up an old roommate, or find a ACMUV-owned business to meet your needs.

Join the Alumni Career Network:
Access more than thousand alumni career advisors, or become one yourself

Update your contact information:
It's the best way to stay in the loop for upcoming events and ACMUV news

Plan your Reunion:
Help make your return to campus special, to refresh your Alma Mater memories, to renew old friendships, to make new contacts, to plan new initiatives and projects

Explore ACMUV's Travel Study Programmes:
See the world with fellow alumni and friends, open e-mail and linkedin connections, expand friend relations and contacts to the benefit of the Medical University of Varna and the same or similar universities and institutions around the world

Submit a Class Note:
Let classmates know about your latest and greatest personal news and career steps, providing all your coordination, address, telephones, e-mail

The structure of the ACMUV includes a Central Body, with Chairperson, Board of Trustees, and national and international regional coordinators.

No restrictions can occur to allow members or friends of ACMUV to serve to the Club with their know-how, abilities, skills and motivation to the benefit of the success of the AVMUV.


Professor Dr. Krassimir Metodiev, MD, PhD, Dscmed

tel / fax +359 52 634107

Prof. Kr.Metodiev is the Head of Dept. Preclinical and clinical sciences of the Med. Univ. Varna.

Specialties: immunology and microbiology.

Over 250 published papers, 6 medical books, 2 monographs.

Editor-in-chief: J.IMAB (Annual Proceedings).

Editor and Editorial Board member: Europ. J. Inflammation, Intl. J. Immunopathology & Pharmacology, Central Europ. J. Medicine, J. IFAO, J. Antimicrobial Agents, Bulletin of UICC.

President of IMAB (Intl. Med. Assoc. Bulgaria), Secretary General of FESCI (Feder. Europ. Soc. Chemotherapy, Infections and Cancer), Referent of UICC (Intl. Union against Cancer, Geneva), Referent and Director of ARW on Bioterrorism at the Scientific Affairs' Division of NATO, Board member of: EUCAST, ISC, ESC, IFAO, ICHS, ESCMID, SEESCI

Honorary Consul of Israel in Bulgaria.


Board of Trustees: Prof. T.Kostadinova (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. R.Shishkov (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. A.Kerekovska (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. J.Georgieva (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. A.Tonchev (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. S.Peev (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. M.Abadzhiev (Bulgaria), Prof.Dr. George Wassilew (Germany), Hon.Prof.Dr. O.Savov (Germany), Hon.Prof.Dr. K.Kaprelyan (Germany), Prof.Dr. V.Nedelcheva-Kristenssen (Norway), Prof.Dr. N.Niv-Vogel (USA), Dr. K.Dikranyan (USA), Dr. M.Marinova-Zamir (Israel), Dr. G.Ekhilevich (Israel), Dr. K.Stoyanov (South Africa), Dr. B.Popivanova (Japan), Arch. P.Bassarov (Australia), Dr. E.Milonas (Greece), Dr. Z.Krasteva-Androniki (Greece),  Prof.Dr. R.Mesut (Turkey), Prof.Dr. M.Nechifor (Romania), Prof.Dr. D.Falkenhagen (Austria), Prof.Dr. V.Lepage (France)

Regional coordinators of ACMUV:


Bourgas:  Prof.Dr. S.Stoimenov

Pleven:  Prof.Dr. A.Asparuhov

Plovdiv:  Prof.Dr. V.Sarafyan

Rousse:  Prof.Dr. P.Kossev

Sofia:  Prof.Dr. L.Tzvetanov

Stara Zagora:  Dr. P.Chilingirov

Veliko Tarnovo:  Dr. A.Tabakov


Australia:  Arch. P.Bassarov

Austria:  Dr. N.Mincheva, Vienna

                Prof.Dr. D.Falkenhagen, Krems

Canada:  Mrs. D.Mihaylova

Croatia:  Prof.Dr. B.Barsic

France:  Prof.Dr. V.Lepage

Germany:  Prof.Dr. G.Wassilew, Berlin

                   Hon.Prof.Dr. O.Savov, Nurnberg

                   Dr. U.Koller, Munich

Greece:  Dr. K.Antiohos, Athens

                Prof.Dr. S.Frydas, Thessaloniki

                Dr. E.Milonas, Alexandroupolis

Hungary:  Prof.Dr. A.Gottsegen

Israel:  Dr. M.Marinova-Zamir, Jerusalem

             Dr. G.Ekhilevich, Haifa

             Dr. L.Levy, Tel Aviv

Italy:  Mrs. S.Ruggeri

Japan:  Dr. B.Popivanova

Montenegro:  Prof.Dr. B.Antic

Netherlands:  Mr. R.Schampers

Norway:  Prof.Dr. V.Nedelcheva-Kristenssen

Poland:  Dr. D.Podgorska

Romania:  Prof.Dr. M.Nechifor

Russia:  Prof.Dr. A. Dolbin

Serbia:  Prof.Dr. M.Pelemis

Slovak Republic:  Prof.Dr. V.Krcmery

Slovenia:  Prof.Dr. M.Cizman

South Africa:  Dr. K.Stoyanov

Turkey:  Mr. V.Lyazev, Istanbul

               Prof.Dr. R.Mesut, Edirne

UK:  Prof.Dr. I.Gould, Aberdeen

Ukraine:  Prof.Dr. V.Driyanskaya

USA:  Prof.Dr. N.Niv-Vogel, Boston

           Dr. H.Hristov, New York

           Dr. K.Dikranyan, St. Louis

           Prof.Dr. D.Kiprov, San Francisco

The coordinators of ACMUV in the listed above countries have all contacts with members and friends of the Club in their region and the responsibility to organize active links and relations with them to assist the activities of ACMUV in the corresponding countries to/from Bulgaria and vice versa.​