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Migration office & Residence permits

Application for Prolonged (Long-term) Residence Permits

All foreign students (EU and non-EU students) studying at Medical University of Varna shall apply for residence permits at Varna Migration Department (Office) of the National Migration Directorate (1 San Stefano Street).

Foreigners who have obtained a Bulgarian long-term residence permit are obligated to have the permit certificate/card with them. Those who fail to present the identification documents to the controlling authorities are fined. According to the active regulations, EU citizens are eligible to stay in the country up to three months without registration at the Migration Office.

All non-EU international students shall extend their period of stay before the expiration of their Visa D for studies.

Required documents:

  • An application form;
  • A document for paid fee of 7/10 BGN. The exact bank account to which you shall transfer the fee is posted on the wall in the Migration Office (1 San Stefano Street);
  • A copy of the national passport/ID card with the photo of the holder and the personal details (for EU citizens) and a copy of the pages of the travel document (the national passport) containing the personal data, the valid visas or residence permits held, and the last Bulgarian entry stamp (for non-EU citizens);
  • A rental contract as proof of address (upon signing a contract with your landlord you are strongly advised to ask for two originals just for you);
  • Copy of a health insurance card/proof of health insurance (for EU citizens) and compulsory health insurance for the duration of residence in Bulgaria (for non-EU citizens). Please contact the Migration office for further requirements on the health insurance;
  • Proof of possession of financial means to cover the expenses for the duration of residence in Bulgaria. A credit card (for EU citizens) and a certified copy of the Declaration for financial support (for non-EU citizens). You just have to visit the Office of the Registrar and ask for a certified copy of that Declaration;
  • A certificate issued by Medical University of Varna, certifying that you are enrolled as a full-time student (Uverenie);
  • A true copy of the Certificate for admission to Medical University of Varna issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (required for non-EU citizens only).

    The application form is in Bulgarian and must be completed in Bulgarian. The following information is required on the form:
  • Names as in the identification document (passport)
  • Nationality (and any other nationality also held)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Number of the national identification document (passport)
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • Conditions for residence in Bulgaria (for example: employment, education)
  • Parents' full names and dates of birth if they are still alive
  • Children's full names and dates of birth

Any change of address needs to be reported within five days to the local Police Office.

Non-EU citizens shall pay a residency fee at the bank in the Migration Office. Students (non-EU citizens) who apply for the first time for long-term residence permits are required also to submit a certificate showing no previous conviction. This document needs to be legalized (by an Apostille) and accompanied by an official translation into Bulgarian language.

The documents are submitted at the police station 14 days before the expiration date of your Visa (the residence permit takes about 14 days to be issued). Your Visa has duration of 180 days, so make sure you check the date.

Stately determined fees chargeable at the Migration Office:

For EU citizens:
Application fee – 7 BGN
ID card-processing period: 30 days – 18 BGN, for 10 days – 36 BGN

For non-EU citizens:
Application fee – 10 BGN
Residence: 6 months – 200 BGN, 12 months – 500 BGN
ID card-processing period: 30 days – 45 BGN, 10 days – 90 BGN, 3 days – 225 BGN

 Note that there is an administrative office next to the Migration office which would help you with the paper work in Bulgarian against payment. If you are going for the first time to Varna Migration Office you are strongly advised to ask for assistance the senior medical school advisers (for example the second- and third-year students.)

Be informed that Medical University – Varna does not bear the responsibility for informing the students for any implemented changes in regards to fees and policies of the National Migration Directorate and for any consequences they might bring. All students are strongly advised right after their enrolment at the University to apply for obtaining PNF (Personal number of a foreigner) and to get informed for the latest changes of the National Migration Directorate's Polices.

For information on the Law for foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria please visit: