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Assoc. Prof. Georgi Yordanov Papanchev MD, PhD

Катедра: Oral Surgery
Телефон: +359 889 306 465



Born in the city of Dobrich. He graduated in Dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia and acquired the educational and qualification degree "Master" in Dentistry in 2006. He has been an assistant in the Department of OMFS and Specialized Radiology at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Medical University of Varna since 2008. He acquired a specialty in Oral Surgery in 2013. In 2015 he defends his doctoral thesis on the topic: "Influence of the type of bone reparative materials on the rates of bone regeneration during elevation of the sinus floor with lateral access and delayed placement of implants". In 2015 he is enrolled to specialize in dental implantology.


Assoc. prof. Georgi Papanchev has 11 publications and 7 participations in international scientific congresses. Winner of Academician Nikolai Popov award for educational and scientific debut at the annual oral implantology awards 2012, BAOI. His main scientific developments are in the field of oral surgery and implantology.

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