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The Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in 2006. In the Faculty are trained specialists with higher education in dentistry, postgraduates and PhD students in all dental specialties.  Since 2008, the Faculty has a new fully equipped building for the purposes of theoretical and practical training of students.
In 2014 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine was established the first in Bulgaria Medico-Dental Center. This is a modern clinical base for the training of students and postgraduate students, for specialization and qualification courses in the field of continuous education. The center has high-tech and modern equipment and provides many opportunities for students to enrich their competences in the field of dental medicine.
A key priority in the development of the Faculty is the high quality of education and the comprehensiveness of its activities in the three main areas – university training, postgraduate training and scientific activity.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine at MU - Varna prepares doctors in Dental Medicine, in the educational and qualification degree "Master" who are capable of successful implementing in real social environment the acquired knowledge and skills for the protection, restoration and strengthening of dental health of the population, i.e. the mission the Faculty is targeted at the social needs of the population.

In accordance with the Higher Education Act and the Ordinance on the Unified State Requirements for Acquiring Higher Education in the specialties "Medicine", "Dental Medicine" and "Pharmacy" the training in Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Dental Medicine at MU - Varna has a duration of 5 years (ten semesters); Pre-graduate Traineeship after the 10th semester - 135 working days or 1080 hours altogether and two training practices of 30 calendar days (150 hours) after the sixth and eighth semester.

 The theoretical training is accomplished through compulsory, optional and facultative disciplines in the form of lectures, seminars, practical exercises and individual work.

The practical training is accomplished through practical exercises throughout the semester education, training practices and Pre-graduate traineeship. The practical training of students includes a certain volume of practical therapeutic activities.

The basic training at the Faculty provides the acquisition of the following basic knowledge and skills which ensure further continuous training:
- Adequate knowledge of the sciences upon which the medical science is based, proper understanding of scientific methods, evaluation of scientifically established facts and data analysis;
- Adequate understanding of the structure, physiology and behavior of healthy and sick individuals, the influence of social factors on dental health;
- Adequate knowledge of the structure and functions of teeth, mouth, jaws and related to them tissues and their impact on the overall health and social well-being of the patient;
- Adequate knowledge of clinical medical and dental disciplines which allow the doctor in dental medicine to have a comprehensive picture of anomalies, lesions and diseases of teeth, mouth, jaws and related to them tissues, as well as preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic dental medicine.

    In consequence of the basic training, the doctor in dental medicine must acquire the skills required for conducting all activities involving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and diseases of teeth, mouth, jaws and related to them tissues. The ultimate objective is the preparation of doctors in dental medicine who are able to satisfy the population demands of dental care at high professional level and to create conditions for prevention of dental diseases and promotion of dental health.

The achievement of the above-mentioned objectives is provided during the training by the acquisition of sufficient competence in:
1. Professional conduct, Ethics and Law.
2. Communication and Interpersonal Relationships.
3. Basic knowledge of medical and dental preclinical and clinical disciplines.
4. Gathering clinical and para-clinical information, making clinical reasoning and judgment and decision making.
5. Making a diagnosis and creating a treatment plan.
6. Establishment, preservation and restoration of dental health through adequate competence in: Oral Medicine, Paradontology, Cariesology and Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Pain and Stress Management, Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Emergency Conditions.
7. Promotion of Dental Health.


Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine 


Prof. Dr. Stefan Peev, DMD, PhD, DSc
Address: 9000 Varna
84 Tsar Osvoboditel, Blvd.
Tel.:  +359 52 677 200

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

Assoc. Prof. Miglena Ilieva Balcheva – Eneva, MD, PhD

Address: 9000 Varna
84 Tsar Osvoboditel, Blvd.
Phone: +359 52 677 237