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Research activities

The members of the Department of Conservative Dentistry work actively on the problems of Maxillofacial Pathology. They have more than 60 academic publications in national and international journals and more than 30 participations at scientific conferences in our country and abroad. The dissertation thesis, entitled "Oral Cavity - Biosystem and Possible Source of Infectious Material" was defended by Dr.Vladimir Panov at the Department in 2010. Four of the Assistant Professors have been enrolled for dissertation thesis defense, too.

The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Oral Pathology operates in collaboration, both in training and in research activities, with the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia and the National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. This collaboration has resulted in four joint research projects, funded by Medical University - Sofia and the Ministry of Education and Science. Joint publications have been accomplished, as well.​