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Medical college

The Medical College is the structure with the oldest history and traditions. Established in 1942 as a Nurse School, from 1944 to 1997, the School underwent a number of transformations - Institute of Nursing, School of Midwifery, United Medical School and Medical Institute, providing college education. The Medical College has become a part and basic unit in the structure of Medical University – Varna since 1997.

The Medical College brings together 7 training and research sectors. It provides training for Professional Bachelor degree in the following specialties: Assistant - Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory Assistant, X-ray Laboratory Assistant, Dental Technical Assistant, Public Health Inspector, Rehabilitator, Social Worker, Medical Cosmetician, Medical Optician, as well as training, targeted at improving the qualification of persons with acquired medical and non-medical education.

The Medical College has its own four-storey building, providing excellent conditions for training and research activities, meeting the modern requirements for quality training.

For seven decades the College has provided knowledge and education to more than 17 500 health professionals.

Director of Medical College – Varna

​9002 Varma
55, Marin Drinov, Str.
Tel: +359 52 677 050


Deputy Director of the Medical College, "Educational affairs"

Assoc. prof. Silviya Georgieva Mihaylova, PhD
​​tel: 052/ 677 050​​​​​

Deputy Director of the Medical College, "Career Development, Quality and Accreditation"

 Assoc. prof. Emiliya Petrova Georgieva, PhD