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Assoc. Prof. Dr Antoniya Kisheva PhD

Varna, 1 "Hr. Smirnenski" St., "St. Marina" Hospital - Varna, Second Clinic of Cardiology

Department: First Department of Internal Medicine

Катедра: First Department of Internal Medicine
Телефон: +359 52 978373



Antoniya Kisheva was born in 1974 in Varna. In 1993 she completed her secondary education at the First Language High School - Varna, studying German and English. In 1999 graduated in medicine at MU-Varna. As a trainee doctor in 1999 implemented 3 months internship in Internal Medicine in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2001 until April 2008 Antoniya Kisheva worked in her own practice as a general practitioner in Varna. In 2007 acquired a specialty in General Medicine. Since April 2008 started working at the First Cardiology Clinic. She acquired the specialty "Cardiology" in December 2013. From March 2014  is assistant professor of cardiology at the Department of Internal Medicine. In 2017 defended her dissertation on "Role of fibrosis and mineralocorticoid receptor blockade in atrial fibrillation". From June 2018 is a senior assistant professor at the First Department of IB. From September 2021. Atoniya Kisheva is an assistant professor. The scientific areas she works on are atrial fibrillation, arterial hypertension, ultrasound diagnostics, cardiological consultation of stroke and heart failure patients. She has specialized and holds certificates in Echocardiography - Fundamental and Expert level, respectively since 2014 and 2017. In 2013 conducted training in echocardiography and transcranial Doppler sonography in. Messina, Italy.

Antoniya Kisheva is a member of the Society of Cardiologists in Bulgaria, Bulgarian League of Hypertension, Association of Echocardiography Specialists - Varna-Echo, European Society of Cardiology, European Council of Stroke, European Society of Hypertension. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Heart-Lung Association and is the responsible secretary of the Heart-Lung Journal. She is a member of the editorial board of Cardiovascular Diseases Journal and Annual for Hospital Pharmacy. Antoniya Kisheva has made numerous presentations and posters at international and national congresses, conferences and symposia. She has participated in a number of international multicenter clinical trials.



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А Кишева. Мозъчният инсулт през погледа на кардиолога. Медицински университет – Варна, 2020г.

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