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Career Development Center

​The striving of Prof. Dr. P. Stoyanov Medical University - Varna and the Career Development Center (CCR), respectively, is to meet the public needs of highly qualified medical and managerial staff in the health and social sphere in accordance with the national strategies for development of education, health and international standards. the Center for Career Development at the Medical University-Varna was established by decision of the Rector's Council Minutes No.102 / 06.11.2006 as a servicing unit in the structure of Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov " Varna.

In June 2007, he became part of the network of university career centers in Bulgaria, set up and supported by the Business Foundation for Education and JobTiger. In 2013, he goes under the direction of the Research and Career Development Department. The mission of the CCR is to realize and support the effective interaction between the academic community, the students at the Medical University - Varna and the business. Through the provision of information and consultancy, the Career Development team directs the students from the Medical University-Varna to full professional and career development. The Center works towards the development of a knowledge-based society in which young people with a quality education oriented to the needs of health and the economy are realized as successful and highly valued professionals. The Center is a catalyst for strengthening the links between education and business in Bulgaria.