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Laboratories of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has at its disposal the following laboratories and lecture halls:

Laboratory of Pharmacognosy - phytochemical analysis of biologically active substances of plant drugs is conducted.

Botany Laboratory - exercises on macro-and microscopic identification of plant drugs are conducted.

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - synthesis and characterization of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis - a full qualitative and quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals and substances for the preparation of medical drugs is conducted, depending on the structure of the analyte. Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the modern analytical documentation, standardization documents, pharmacopoeias and others.

Laboratories of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics:

 - "Phytopreparation" Laboratory - preparation and standardization of pharmaceuticals of plant materials;

 - Sterile box - preparation of parenteral solutions - injection solutions, infusion solutions, hemodialysis concentrates and pharmaceuticals for eyes;

 - Laboratory for preparation of liquid pharmaceuticals, powders, dermal pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals for rectal and vaginal application. Besides the exercises of the students in Master Pharmacist specialty, the exercises in Pharmaceutical Technology of the first and second-year students in Assistant – Pharmacist specialty are conducted here, as well as exercises of students in Medical Cosmetician specialty.

 - "Solid Dosage Forms" Laboratory - preparation and control of granules, tablets, coated tablets, capsules, pharmaceuticals with modified release (matrix tablets, microcapsules and microspheres). Laboratory exercises in Biopharmaceutics are conducted in this lab - biopharmaceutical control and characterization of various kinds of pharmaceuticals.


Laboratory of nutrigenomics, functional foodstuffs and nutraceuticals

In 2007, thanks to the financial support of the Scientific Research Fund to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, the first hi-tech scientific research laboratory of nutrigenomics, functional foodstuffs and nutraceuticals both in Bulgaria and on the Balkans was opened at the Department of biochemistry, molecular medicine and nutrigenomics at Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov"- Varna.

The laboratory which is an Associated member of the European organization of nutrigenomics NuGО, offers expertise in the fields of public health, healthy nutrition and environmental safety.

The main Laboratory fields include:

  • Nutrition: functional foodstuffs, antioxidants:  Antioxidant effects, plant foodstuffs and biologically active substances on the metabolic adaptation in human beings, model systems of cell cultures and in experimental animals; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic activity of Bulgarian plants as a potential resource for nutraceuticals;
  • Nutrition and disease: oxidative stress, inflammation, metabolic disorders: Oxidative status in patients with metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, chronic renal failure on hemodialysis  and other illnesses; experimental modeling of oxidative status an d inflammation for the assessment of the effect of specific foods, additives and drugs and their toxicity;
  • Nutrigenomics: Nutrition and metabolic adaptation; study of the presence of some polymorphisms in genes related to the manifestation of high-degree obesity and metabolic syndrome in Bulgarian population.

The laboratory, which has the latest equipment for scientific research, enables the work with cell cultures and analysis of various genes associated with the development of a number of diseases.