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Museum of anatomy

The museum of anatomy is located on the third floor in the main building of Varna Medical

University and in first seminar hall of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology.

The museum consists of 422 anatomical preparations, presented in glass showcases. The exposition in first seminar hall consists of dry anatomical preparations of the bone and joint systems. This part of the exhibition presents individual bones and joints, a complete skeleton of an adult, newborn and skeletons of human fetuses in the sequence of the fetal development.

The museum collection of the corridor on the 3rd floor consists of both from dry preparations and preparations made by special methods. Some of them are exposed in special вани filled with a fixing solution, others show the arterial and venous vessels colored with latex. Particularly interesting are the exhibits, prepared by corrosive technology and those of the brain prepared by glycerine methodology.

A lot of names stand behind the half a century old collection and storage of the museum - Prof. V. Vankov and Dr. M. Hristova, Dr. G. Gyurov, Dr. M. Madzharova, Dr. V. Radeva, Dr. G. Marinov, Dr. Z. Nanov, Dr. S. Nikolov, Dr. R. Mesut, Dr. N. Stoynov, senior analyst K. Petrov, Dr. M. Gabrovska, Dr. A. Petrova, Dr. M. Minkov, Dr. S. Dyankova and etc. The graphical design of the museum exposition was made by Dr. Savka Bakardzhieva.

Stored more than 50 years preparations are extremely demonstrative today and they are a valuable aid for all students and faculty of the University.