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Museum of the History of Medicine

The only museum dedicated to the history of medicine on the Balkans is located in Varna. Founded in 1869 as the first charity hospital in Bulgaria, today the Museum of the History of Medicine is under the administrative management of “St. Marina” University Hospital - Varna and Medical University - Varna.

Although the history of the Bulgarian medicine is exhibited in a building not larger than 400 square meters, its entire development is shown here - from the Antiquity to the Renaissance and the development of the medical services after the Liberation of Bulgaria. More than 4 000 medical books are collected here, one of the richest paleoanthropological collections in the country, medical instruments from the Thracians, the Greek colonization, the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Bulgarian state.  A variety of folk-medical devices and medicines, handicraft pliers for teeth extraction and many others can be seen in the museum. The collection of dental chairs and equipment that the “teeth” doctors had at their disposal more than 100 years ago is incredibly interesting. In the museum there is a variety of equipment - from X-rays to ultrasound scanner. Here you can get a real idea of ​​the surgeries and pharmacies at the beginning of the last century.