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Affiliate in Shumen

By a decision of the National Assembly of 21 July 2015, the affiliate of the Medical University - Varna in the city of Shumen was founded and the training in the specialties of the regulated professions "Nursing" and "Midwifery" was carried out. Students from the regulated specialties "Midwife" and "Nurse" educational and qualification degree "Bachelor" are trained at the Affiliate. The training is full-time and is carried out for a period of 4 years.

The learning process is carried out in the facilities of Affiliate in Shumen, which has modern training lecturers' auditoria and laboratories for practical exercises, in accordance with the modern standards. They are equipped with tools, dummies, which enable students to learn nursing and midwifery skills in an environment close to the real.

During the period 2015-2017, 4 studying rooms were equipped with the Cisco TelePresence SX20 system for video conferencing.

An advantage in the training of students from the Affiliate Shumen is the Blackboard system.
The learning process related to the acquisition of general and specialized clinical and theoretical knowledge is provided with an auditorium area in the facilities of Hospital-Shumen, Regional Healthcare Center and  Diagnostic Consultation Center – 1.

Contracts with 22 training and practical facilities, accredited medical, social establishments and others have been signed, which allows students to conduct not only clinical training practice and the pre-graduate practice, but also practical training sessions on disciplines included in the curriculum. The hospital and outpatients' facilities in which the clinical practical training takes place, provide various and very good conditions for the preparation of the students from the specialties of the Affiliate in Shumen.

30 computers have been provided (computer room, separate stations in the reading room of the library, for assistants and lecturers and in the lecture halls) for the needs of the students and the academic staff.
The students from the Affiliate in Shumen have the opportunity to be accommodated in student hostels in Shumen.