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  • When does the ceremony take place?

Faculties of Medicine and Dental Medicine: at 16:00 on 30th November 2019.

Faculty of Public Health and Medical College - Varna: at 16:00 on 16th November 2019.


  • Where does the ceremony take place?

Faculties of Medicine and Dental Medicine: Palace of Culture and Sports - Varna

Faculty of Public Health and Medical College - Varna: Palace of Culture and Sports - Varna

  • Is there any age restriction for attending the event?

The promotion ceremony of MU - Varna is a strictly academic official event, and the presence of children under 7 years of age is not recommended. Every child above thаt age shall be seated on his/her own seat.


  • Will my guests with tickets be able to sit anywhere in the hall?

All your guests with tickets will have an assigned seat in the hall, which is divided into sectors in different colours. The colour of your sector will be indicated on the pass, and all your guests will be seated together.

  • Is it necessary to bring our tickets with us?

Yes, they are your entry pass.


  • When will guests be able to take their seats in the hall?

The doors to the hall at the Palace of Culture and Sports will be open 1 hour before the ceremony. MU - Varna officials will be on site in order to assist you in locating your sector (as indicated on the pass).

All graduates and guests need to be on their designated seat not later than 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Due to the nature of the event, late visitors will not be admitted into the hall.

  • How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony lasts approximately three hours.


  • Is it allowed to take photographs during the ceremony?

Photo and video shooting on the part of guests is allowed during the ceremony. However, guests must remain seated on their seats throughout the whole event.


  • Unreasonable leaving the hall (entry and exit) during the ceremony is undesirable.

  • Professional photos on a branded wall

Once the ceremony is over, graduates and guests will leave the promotion hall and enter into the lobby of the Palace of Culture and Sports, where there will be branded walls, in front of which our photographers will capture your happy moments. The photos will be posted on the University's website within a few days after the ceremony.


  • Help yourselves to a glass of wine

After the photo shoot is over, we invite all graduates to celebrate the successful graduation together. A festive reception will be given in the hall, and all graduates​ are invited to join in.


  • Information for guests requiring alternative means of transportation

In case some of the guests need a specific way of moving around to the graduation ceremony, please notify the respective Dean's Offices when taking your passes.

Parking options in the area are limited, so we recommend that you do not use a personal car for transportation. A paid parking lot is available near the hall, but we cannot guarantee availability of vacancies.