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За нас


We never stop dreaming ... never stop setting ourselves still higher and higher goals ... pursuing them with perseverance, will and desire for the sake of a better future!


Come to our future ... right now:


Central oval body - "The Brain":

Aula Maxima - 500 seats, high-tech equipped with the latest audio-visual and communication equipment and technology, with the possibility of teleconferencing, live broadcasting of operations at Bulgarian and international hospitals, 3D and holographic images ...

Second oval body:

Four halls with a total of 1340 seats
Four - level parking lot with 206 parking places

Sports Zone - tennis, volleyball, basketball, fitness, aerobics and dance facilities, a swimming pool

Floor for social activities, having meals, meetings, recreation, and an Electronic- library


Double Skin system aimed at achieving the lowest rates of heat transfer and air-permeability ...

White and blue glass designed to absorb and make the surrounding area lighter...


Total area: 29,661 m2