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Circulating Histone Proteins as Biomarkers of Disease – CHiP-BiD


The project CHiP-BiD is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under the National Scientific Programme ,, Excellent Research and People for the Development of European Science”/VIHREN/ under the call by the Bulgarian National Science Fund.
The project starts on February 1, 2022 and the duration is 60 months.

Scientific objectives and scope

The main objective of the project is the detection of the tissue of origin of circulating nucleosomes and a thorough understanding of their value as markers in health and disease. The objective will be achieved by examination of the composition of circulating histone complexes in serum from patients suffering from some of the most common diseases in clinical practice: oncological conditions (e.g. breast and lung cancer) and cardiovascular diseases. Serum histone complexes will be visualised using a combination of microscopic and flowcytometric approaches and the generated images will be analysed using artificial intelligence. Deep sequencing of DNA associated with circulating histon complexes will also be carried out.