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History and Facts

The Department of Hygiene was established in 1962, a year after the establishment of the Higher Medical Institute of Varna. At present two Associate Professors, one part-time Associate Professor, three Chief Assistant Professors and two Assistant Professors operate at the Department.

Under the direction of the first head of the Department Prof. Vl. Boyadzhiev, the first comprehensive studies on working conditions and their impact on health and working capacity, professional risk in various manufacturing industries (in manganese extraction, in glass production, in battery manufacturing), as well as hygienе and ecological studies on environmental pollution and its impact on public health in ecologically threatened industrial regions have been accomplished.

In 1970 the Department of Hygiene was the second Department at HMI - Varna which introduced programmed control of training. Special attention is paid to the scientific training of students through non - auditorium activities. The research student activities in the study circle of Hygiene at the Department are of long-standing traditions. Specializations in General Hygiene, Communal Hygiene, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Medicine are traditionally implemented at the Department. In the mid – 90's the Department began training in Health Management, and subsequently - in Public Health and Health Care Management.

The collaborators of the Department have registered two rationalizations and one invention. Five of the lecturers have specialized in Paris, Moscow and St. Petersburg. ​