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History and Facts

The Department of Chemistry was  established in 1962. It is one of the first departments of Higher Medical Institute – Varna, where the training of medical students was launched. In subsequent years, the Department merged with that of Biochemistry.

The first research publications are related to analyses of concrements, different forms of avitaminosis, study of the adsorption properties of natural mineral adsorbents and their application in Medicine. Subsequently the research themes of the Department have been expanded - the study of the properties of polymeric materials has begun, catalytic studies, related to environmental protection have been carried out, alginates, which have found various applications, have been  obtained from the Black Sea algae.

In 1998 changes in the programme of Chemistry were carried out, targeted at achieving better mastering of the training material during the semester and a more objective assessment at the exam, by taking into account the current control in the final score.

Following the structural changes at the University in 2000 and the establishment of a new faculty – the Faculty of Public Health - the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was divided into two training and research sectors: TRS Chemistry and TRS Biochemistry. Five years later, when the second new faculty was established – the one of Dental Medicine, some of the lecturers of TRS Chemistry moved to it.

In 2008, when the Faculty of Pharmacy was opened, TRS Chemistry became an independent Department and joined this Faculty. The number of the academic staff of the Department was increased and Assoc. Prof. Mona Stancheva was elected head of the Department.