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Research Activities

The representatives of the Department operate in the following scientific fields:

  • Technological, biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic studies for the creation of controlled release formulations
  • Modern technological approaches to obtain new formulations based on biodegradable polymers;
  • Pharmacognostic analysis of herbal substances, medicines and food supplements and phytochemical study on familiar and new varieties of plants for content analysis of valuable biologically active substances;
  • Pharmacoeconomic studies on medication therapy for socially significant diseases;
  • Synthesis of new organic substances with potential application in Medicine;
  • Obtaining new sensor systems with potential application in Pharmacy.


Research Projects:

    • "Evaluation of vitamin D status in target groups by means of a selective chromatographic method for determining 25-hydroxy vitamin D", ch. researcher Assoc. Prof. B. Galunska – a winning research project, with funding allocated by "Medical Science" Fund at MU - Varna (2012)​​
    • "Technological, biopharmaceutical, biochemical and clinical research for the creation of innovative drug delivery systems with problematic drugs for the treatment of psoriasis, malignant proliferative diseases and corneal disorders ", ch. researcher Assoc. Prof. B. Galunska – a research project submitted to "Medical Science" Fund at MU - Varna (2013).