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Academic Affairs

The lecturers at the Department of Hygiene conduct training for students in the specialties Medicine, Nursing Care, Midwifery, Health Management, Health Care Management, Medical Optician, for students from the Medical College in the specialties Public Health Inspector, Rehabilitation Therapist and Medical Laboratory Assistant, as well as for learners in the new professions Assistant to the Doctor of Dental Medicine and Health Care Assistant at the Vocational Training Centre.

The Department provides training in the following disciplines: 

Hygiene and Ecology; Occupational Hygiene; Hygiene of Healthcare Establishments; Nutrition Hygiene; Ergonomics and Work Organization; Environment, Nutrition and Health; Nutrition and Health; Occupational Medicine; Hygiene and Ecology of Healthcare Establishments; Hygiene; Radiation Hygiene; Nutrition and Dietetics; Hygiene of Children and Adolescents; Health and Safety Conditions at Work

Training on Elective Disciplines:
1.ED– Topical Issues of Nutrition
2. ED – SSD related to Nutrition for the specialties Medicine and Public Health Inspector

The Department provides training for postgraduate specialization in medical specialties, conducting training on the disciplines Occupational Medicine, General Hygiene, Nutrition and Dietetics.

The collaborators of the Department have co-authored nine course books, five manuals and one methodical guide. ​​