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Academic Affairs

The Department provides training in the disciplines Medical Physics and Biophysics for students from:

  • specialty Medicine -  both in Bulgarian and English language training programmes
  • specialty Dental Medicine -  for Bulgarian and English language students
  • specialty Pharmacy 

The discipline Medical Physics is also taught to:

  • students from the specialty Medical Optician at the Medical College;
  • foreign students from the preparatory course - Bulgarian language training
  • foreign students from the preparatory course - English language training
  • students from the specialty Public Health Inspector at the Medical College;

The Department also provides training in the following disciplines:

  • specialty Nursing Care - Medical Equipment in Nursing Practice
  • specialty Midwifery – Medical Equipment in OG Practice
  • specialty Medical Laboratory Assistant – Laboratory Equipment and Apparatus
  • specialty Medical Cosmetician - Medical Physics and Equipment
  • specialty Pharmacy - Higher Mathematics, Information technology, Statistical Methods in Pharmacy

Particular attention is paid to the forms, methods and means of improving the training process and preparation of training aids and materials. New laboratory exercises have been developed and a host of new training experimental equipment has been introduced in academic affairs.

The Department has developed and introduced a 100-point grading system of criteria for checking and evaluating students' knowledge. The system is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), related to the integration into the European Higher Education Area. Initially, this 100-point grading system has been introduced for students in the preparatory course and subsequently for students of Medicine in the disciplines Medical Physics and Biophysics. A modification of the same system has been introduced in the training of students in the specialties Nursing Care and Midwifery, and later – in the specialties Dental Medicine and Pharmacy.

Lecturers of the Department are co-authors of textbooks, laboratory exercises manuals and training aids.​​