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Student testimonials


Danesh, UK

Medical student

 "I have spent the past year at the Medical University of Varna and my experience here has gone beyond what I imagined beforehand. The school is a multicultural cent where students and faculty are integrated and respectful to each other. Studying here for the past year has shown me other ways to look at medicine, by learning medicine in much more clinical/diagnostic way. The English course here is what you would look for in a school. Lecturers/faculty members are patient and friendly, and always want students to excel. Those who work hard are very well rewarded. The university is a twenty-minute walk to the beach that has everything: clubs, restaurants, drinks, sports and museums. This is a university where you can work hard and enjoy your spare time. I highly recommend this school to anyone that is looking for an opportunity in medicine with facilities/resources as well as enjoyment. The Admissions office is the most helpful group of people you could come across. Regarding admission questions, do not hesitate to email or call, there will always be someone to help. I hope that anyone looking to do medicine can look here first. "




Dental Medicine Student

 "As long as I can remember, I always wanted to become a dentist and excel in medicine. In order to do so, I searched every possibly suitable university for this reason and when I came across the MU – Varna I was convinced that it was exactly what I was looking for! Going into more details, the first thing that drew my attention was the ratio of the admitted students to the dental chairs provided which is the most important thing for a dental student's everyday practice, a matter that concerns all universities more or less. Besides that, the educational and clinical practice program is ideal for the purpose of teaching young future-doctors the proper skills, knowledge and ethics. More than that, the final Degree of the Diploma is "Master's" which is something that puts you one step ahead in terms of employability and also academic background.

The application process was something I will never forget because of the immediate response of the admissions office team and their willingness to assist me and inform me about all the procedures I had to complete.

After being admitted, the MUV reality started! Being a medical student at this university is a unique experience. This is mainly due to the atmosphere that is really student friendly and the educational personnel who are always there to help you and guide you, not to mention, to provide you with up to date knowledge and practices. Everyone is polite and willing to answer your questions and to assist you. What's more, the Library and the study areas are very comfortable and appropriate for learning. A normal day at MUV is full of lectures, seminars and hard work but as we say in Greece "αγαθά κόποις κτώνται" which translates into "no pain, no gain".

Varna is a city that combines almost everything. There are so many different places to go and so many different things to do. From a simple walk next to the city garden by the sea, to entertainment and relaxation activities such as spa centers, sports, arts, gym, cinema, malls, pubs, clubs and many more. On the other hand, the Bulgarian cuisine is delicious and interesting to explore and therefore different options and alternatives may satisfy all tastes.

After the hours you spend at MUV, you can go for a walk to relax as I do when I'm heading to the beach and maybe have a cup of coffee or enjoy the artworks which are located there. Otherwise, as the area close to the university is full of students, I enjoy just being with friends and have a good time together.

I would definitely recommend Medical University of Varna without any hesitation to anyone who is determined, focused and really wants to become a well-educated and skilled physician. MUV would undoubtedly provide not only the means but also the way of thinking and the traits that a doctor should govern.

Finally, as a tip to the new students, I would like to share that the key to success is the continuous effort regardless how intense it is.

 1.0365 = 1.0  

1.01365 = 37.78 !!



Dilyana, UK

Medical student

"Studying at the Medical University of Varna has been one of the most suitable and appropriate choices of mine. I made the decision to study here because of the amazing recommendations and it is also a known fact it is the best Medical University in Bulgaria. Certainly, the most important thing for anyone especially during the application process is the help and information provided. From personal experience I couldn't have received a better response and help during my application. The staff and the website provide absolutely all the information that is needed to complete everything in the correct manner. Studying in Varna, Bulgaria has been absolutely amazing, due to the fact that the atmosphere of the city and the studying process really complement each other. I find the seminars and especially the lectures extremely helpful, as well as the practical work, which is very useful for examinations. All professors and assistants are always looking forward to helping us and I always feel as I can ask questions and seek help whenever I need it. During my free time I find many great opportunities to explore the city and find so many places to visit. The university also provides many quiet spots for studying. I would fully recommend the University to anyone who is considering to apply here. The work, the staff and the life in Varna have been incredible so far and I am certain I made the right choice by deciding to study at the Medical University Varna."



Rachel, UK

 Medical student

"Growing up in a family with many doctors it has always been my passion to become a doctor and help needy patients.

I came to know about MU-Varna through a family friend. I did my high school in Bahrain and I contacted the university directly. I was blown off by their prompt and clear response. I would take this opportunity to thank the Admissions office for all help and guidance throughout the admission process.

Following my interactions with the office I had almost completely made up my mind about joining MU-Varna.

My complete admission process was done on-line under their guidance. The whole process was very simple and straightforward. I would definitely recommend any aspiring student from the Middle East to contact the university directly. 

Attending the open day helped me finalize that this would be my university to study medicine. Compared to studying in the Middle East it is very cost-effective, the hospitals are well equipped with the latest equipment and the highly qualified professors are really friendly. 

The student life is amazing with a good balance between academic studies and sports. Varna has a lot of public attractions like beautiful beaches, green parks and large malls to hang out.

The university has a large library, well-equipped labs and large classrooms where students can realize their dreams of becoming good doctors. All this is enhanced by the very knowledgeable and friendly professors.

I would like to thank the University for having given me a chance to study at this prestigious University. I have no doubt that I would highly recommend MU-Varna as a first-choice destination to any student to study the medical profession.



Georgios, Cyprus

Dental medicine student

"The Medical University of Varna is known to be one of the best Universities in Europe, especially for the Faculty of Dental medicine. Although a relatively new department in the University, it has managed to win many awards for the great performance and achievements of both the professors and the students that compose it. That fact and the great recommendations of friends that have previously studied here were the main reasons that I chose the MU of Varna for my education.

Regarding the application process, I believe that you will find it quite easy as the staff is always willing to help you and relieve you of any kind of stress or insecurities you may have.

Nobody can deny that life at the Medical University is very difficult. Every day you are going to face new challenges that will help you develop not only your knowledge but also your way of thinking and acting in your everyday life. 

The overall environment in the university is structured around the student. The University staff is mainly composed of well-known Doctors and Professors with lots of experience and knowledge to offer to the students. The establishments are equipped with the most updated equipment so that the students can practice on the newest technologies and keep up to date with the latest trends in the Faculty of Dental medicine.

 As for the social life of the students outside the university, Varna does not lack it either. There are tons of open air activities that you can attend, so that you get to know more about the different culture and traditions that Bulgaria has to offer. You can also visit the main square of Varna with lots of places for young people to hang out, have a stroll along the beach or even hang out at the park along the coastline.

I would recommend everyone to choose the MU of Varna for their studies."                                                                                                     


Denis, USA

Medical student

 "Medical University of Varna is a great stepping stone into the medical world. I chose this university because of its classical models of teaching medicine, hands-on learning, and research opportunities. When making the choice, it was very important for me to be informed and stay in touch with the admissions team. From my experience of communicating with different admission offices, the admissions team of MUV was by far the most helpful one. Everything you need to know can be found on their application platform, together with an online chat option where you can express all your concerns during the application process or ask questions.  Coming from the US, where the medical education takes around 10 years for completion, I find it really appealing that I will be able to save time and finances along the way of earning my degree. The fact that the program is completely taught in English also played a big role in my choice. There are many medical universities in non-English speaking countries offering English programs, however MUV is one of the few which has a complete 6-year English program in medicine. I am still a newbie and have a long way to go, however from the experience of only semester and a half, I can absolutely say that I made a good choice. From going to lectures and discussing everything in seminars to attending great symposiums or student-organized events. The dynamics of the environment around you can sweep you off your feet in seconds. There is a great deal of studying, stress, and tension... but it goes hand in hand with confidence, amazing friendships, and more."



Leticia, Angola

Medical student

My name is Leticia. I am a medical student at Medical University Varna.

Although I was born in Angola, I have lived in Brazil. Getting into medical school in Brazil is quite a competitive task due to the fact that our education in public universities is free and they are the best of the country, there are more than 200 applicants for one place.

Because I have tried for so long, my parents' friend from Germany, talked to my dad about medicine in Bulgaria, he explained that many German students come here to study medicine and the universities are well-recognized. As soon as he gave us this information I contacted almost all the medical universities in Bulgaria and Varna was not only the first to reply me but also the most attractive to me.

The application process for medicine was not too difficult as the admission office made it easier by explaining each step I needed to take. I was able to legalize and translate my documents and the only issue I had during the process was with the visa procedure that took too long. Thus, I was not able to arrive early like I wanted but afterwards the university helped me to retake the classes I had missed and to familiarize with the university system.

The university divides us in groups, my group has 12 people including me, most of them are from 5 different countries (EUA, Canada, Ireland, England, Sweden). This system is helpful because it allows us to socialize with people who are in the same situation as us and is one of the best ways to build friendships.

All the classes have an excellent quality, the teachers speak English fluently and they explain everything that we need to know, but we cannot expect to learn everything in classes, we must prepare ourselves before all the classes to understand what the teachers are going to teach, preparing beforehand is the way not to be lost and to learn more in classes.

Even though Varna is not a huge city, we have got plenty of options to socialize and do extra activities. During my spare time I go to cafes with my friends, restaurants, I go to a speaking group and I enjoy some time discovering the city.

Choosing a place to live in Varna is always easy, there are always options close to the main building or close to the beach, so I don't advise rushing to find a place if you do not have your visa ready and all the documents for example.

The most challenging part about studying at MU-Varna is the quantity of things we have to do, going to seminars, lectures and studying at home take a little of our time, but the university tries to organize our timetable in a way we can have time for ourselves. For example, I have one seminar on Wednesdays and all my classes this semester finish before 4 pm.

Saying how my normal day looks like is quite hard, each day is unique, each day I do different things and I learn different things. There are days I study in the library all day and others when I study at home.

Choosing MU-Varna was the best decision and if I had known about the university when I finished my secondary school, I would have come here earlier. I do recommend this university, the city and the new style of life you will have here.



Shirona Jude-Manorajh, uK


I chose MU-Varna to study medicine because it was one of the top ranked medical universities in Bulgaria and there were many useful education facilities offered. Furthermore, MU-Varna offers expert, highly qualified lecturers so I felt confident that going to MU-Varna would offer an enriched experience in studying medicine. As a British citizen, I found the process of applying MU-Varna fairly easy and straightforward because the procedure was outlined in detail on the Admissions webpage. However if I did have any questions, it was easy to contact the admissions team and they were always ready to help and walk through the process, if need be. The biggest difference to studying in Bulgaria, as opposed to studying in the UK is that I have been given the opportunity to explore a new culture, learn a new language and make friends who come from such a large variety of countries. Studying abroad offers experience that you would not get if you were to study in your own home country. A normal day at MU-Varna consists of seminars and lectures, the days are not too long so you do not feel exhausted and there is plenty of time to do self-study to ensure that you are on top of your work. The student life has many things to offer, there are events and trips organized by the university. Varna is an exciting city to live in and does not lack in the activities it offers. There is a vast variety of restaurants, including those by the sea which offer a very scenic dining experience. There are several cinemas and malls with well-known stores. The nightlife also does not lack in Varna. So far with my experience in living and studying in Varna, I would definitely recommend others to apply to MU-Varna!





Dear future students,

My name is Dr. Ioanniki Tzoraki and I come from Greece. I graduated in 2016 holding the highest grade amongst the english-speaking students.

The criteria for choosing the university were the exceptional facilities and equipment of the Dental Faculty, the internationally recognized professors as well as the location. Varna, offers several facilities and a good quality of student life.

The kind and friendly attitude of the professors, assistants and staff of the MU Varna was evident since the first moment. The intensive program of the faculty aims at shaping the way doctors live. Practical training plays a very important role in the subsequent career, so a particular emphasis is placed.

After my graduation, I felt ready to face every difficult case in my private clinic, as I had managed many patients during my studies and this is why I feel so grateful to the University. Thanks to MU Varna, the most important milestone is now completed and it gives me the impetus to continue my studies at a postgraduate level until today.