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University Accommodation

Medical University "Prof. Dr. ParaskevStoyanov"- Varna has at its disposal two students' hostels "Block 35"and "Block 3", with a total capacity of 750 beds.

The monthly rent for the students admitted at state order amount to 65 BGN and for foreign students and students in the paid form of training the rent is 100 BGN. This rent does not include the electricity and subsistence which are paid separately.

Block 35 of Varna Medical University is located at 35 "PetarRaichev" St., close to the University Hospital "St. Marina". The hostel has 17 floors and has recently been fully renovated. There are two- and three-bed rooms, each having its own sanitation, a tv set and internet connection. There is a kitchen on every floor equipped with a microwave oven, stove and a sink to suit the lodgers' needs. The three reading rooms which are available for the students, have around 30 seats for self-access training, free fitness hall "Academic", equipped with a large number of fitness facilities and devices, and a canteen with 40 seats.

Block 3 of Varna Medical University is located at 3 "Bregalnitsa" St. close to the Varna Medical College and the Faculty of Dental Medicine. The hostel has 8 floors which are partially renovated and a 9th floor which is fully renovated. The rooms are double, with separate sanitation and internet access. The students can use the fully refurbished three reading rooms with 30 seats for self-access. The newly built canteen is also at their disposal.

For the students' comfort, both students' hostels have a park for recreation, their own parking lot and automated bank machines.  The blocks have access regimen and a 24-hour video surveillance. The corridors and the rooms are equipped with modern systems for fire safety. In order to improve the social and housing conditions, the roofs of the two blocks have been repaired according to European standards.

Private Accommodation
Students may find it more convenient to rent an apartment/room in a flat in Varna or in the surrounding area as the rent may vary between 300 and 600 BGN (between 150 € and 300 €) per month depending on whether you are sharing a room/flat, the number of roommates, the distance from the City center and the condition of the flat (furniture as well).

If you would like to rent an apartment in the city center it is better to use an Estate Agency. For renting an apartment through an estate agency be ready to pay a fee for the service finding you the suitable apartment. The fee is usually half price or the total rent. It is paid once you make the contract for the apartment.

If you are interested in private accommodation then you can undertake the following steps:

  • Inquire our senior student advisers if they are aware of any available offers;
  • Type in an internet browser "Estate agencies" in Varna and see what offers they might have