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Qualification characteristics

​The Faculty of Dental Medicine at Medical University of Varna trains Dental Medicine Doctors with Master educational degree. Graduates are able to exercise successfully in real social environment the acquired knowledge and skills for protection, rehabilitation and maintenance of people's dental health. So the mission of the Faculty is focused on the public necessity.

In conformity with the Law on Higher education and the Unified State Requirements for acquiring of Higher education in Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, the training in Dental Medicine at Medical University of Varna is with 5-year duration (ten semesters); pre-graduation practice after the 10th semester – 135 working days or 1080 hours and two training practices with 30 calendar days duration (each training covers 150 hours) after the sixth and the eighth semester.

The theoretical training is conducted by obligatory, optional and facultative disciplines, in form of lectures, seminars, practical exercise and self-training.

The practical training is conducted by practical studies during the semester training, training practices and pre-graduation practice. The practical instruction of students includes specific volume of practical therapeutic activity.

The fundamental discipline training at the Faculty guarantees acquiring of the following basic knowledge and skills which contribute to the further continuous education:

  • Sufficient knowledge of the sciences on which the medicine is based, good understanding of the scientific methods, evaluation of the scientifically determined facts and analysis of the data;
  • Sufficient understanding of the structure, psychology and the conduct of healthy and sick individuals, the influence of the social factors on the dental health;
  • Sufficient understanding of the structure and function of teeth, mouth, jaws and the related  tissues and their influence on the general health and social wellbeing of the patient;
  • Sufficient knowledge on clinical medical and dental disciplines, which enables the  dental medicine doctor to have broad vision on the anomalies, injuries and the diseases of teeth, mouth, jaws and the related tissues as well as on the prophylactic, diagnostic and therapeutic Dental Medicine.

    As a result of the fundamental training, Dental Medicine doctor must acquire the skills, necessary for exercising of all activities, including prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of abnormalities and diseases of teeth, mouth, jaws and the related tissues.

    The final aim is the instruction of Dental Medicine doctor to satisfy on high professional level people's necessity for dental help and to create environment for prophylaxis of the dental diseases and promotion of dental health.

    The achievement of the above stated goals is ensured by acquiring of sufficient competences during the process of training in the following areas:
  1. Professional conduct, ethics and law
  2. Communication and interpersonal relations
  3. Fundamental knowledge in medical and dental preclinical and clinical disciplines
  4. Gathering of clinical and paraclinical information, developing of clinical reasoning and assessments, making of decisions.
  5. Diagnosing and developing of treatment plan.
  6. Determination, protection and recovery of dental health by sufficient competences in: Oral medicine, Periodontology, Conservative dentistry and Endodontics, Oral surgery, Pain and stress management, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Prosthetics, Emergencies.
  7. Promotion of Dental Health.