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The Entry tests for the Programs of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy (with English language of instruction) will be conducted ONLINE!

General information

The requirements for the Programmes in Medicine,Dental Medicine and Pharmacy in English for the 2022 admission tests in Chemistry and Biology will consist of FIVE sections:

Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions

Four proposed answers will be given for every question, as candidates should mark only ONE answer. All questions carry equal marks. If the candidate marks more than one answer, he/she will receive NO MARKS for that question. No marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

Section B: Gap Filling Questions

Each test item has four missing words or terms. In this section the candidates are required to write the most appropriate words or terms that may fill the gaps.

Section C: Matching Questions

The candidates will be asked to match each item from column 1 with those given in column 2.

Section D: True/False Questions

These questions require a candidate to assess whether the presented statement is true or false.

Section E: Definitions and Explanations

The candidates will be asked to briefly explain certain Chemical or Biological concepts as well as to provide samples where applicable.


The duration of each test (Biology and Chemistry) is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Both of the tests are conducted on the same date, couple of times on different dates during the application period.



  • April 02, 2022
  • May 12, 2022
  • June 18, 2022
  • July 23, 2022
  • August 18, 2022
  • September 01, 2022


How to prepare for the Entry tests

We advise you to consider the following:


        To order the eBook "A Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Test Items", please click here

        То order the print book "A Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Test Items", please click here


  To order the eBook "CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK"-2017, please click here

То order the print book " CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK"-2017, please click here


        The lists of topics for the Entry tests in Biology and Chemistry are available here: Biology , Chemistry


How to register for the Entry tests


Applicants who are in their last year of high school (and who have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects on secondary school level) are also eligible to sit the Entry tests, even before obtaining their leaving certificates (high school diploma). They will further need to submit the rest of the required application documents.

Only applicants whose e-applications got the status "successfully registered" will be allowed to sit the Entry tests. Applications with the status "pending validation", "incomplete" or "draft" will not be allowed to write the tests.

The online application system for 2022 Fall Entry will open in February, 2022. To access the online platform for submission of your e-application, simply click on the following: and Register. 

The instituted application fee amounts to 30 euro (non-refundable) and the registration fee for the Entry tests in English amounts to 200 euro (non-refundable). Both fees could be paid in one bank transfer - 230 euro (non-refundable), payable to the University bank account, as it is required to be covered in advance - not later than one week before the Entry Tests date.

The University bank account is as follows:

DSK BANK PLC, Sofia /Bulgaria
IBAN: BG05STSA93003400040702 - for payments in euro
In favour of: Medical University Varna
55 "Marin Drinov" Str., Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Applicants who failed the preliminary Biology and/or Chemistry Entry tests in English or who get a low pass (or simply are not satisfied with the obtained Entry tests results) would have the chance (upon their written request, sent to the Office of Admissions) to resit the entry test/s during the announced regular (following) test dates.

The administrative fee for each retake test (Biology or Chemistry) amounts to 100 euro, payable to the University bank account.

The applicants` results from the Biology and Chemistry entry tests in English will participate in the final classification and ranking of all applicants.

Important! Only applicants who have submitted the whole set of the required paper supporting application documents (legalized and translated into Bulgarian language as per our requirements) would be included in the final ranking/s of the applicants (for further information please refer to application documents).