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The training in Pharmacy in English is full-time only and lasts 5 years: the course of study together with two training practices with 6 calendar days duration each (each training covers 48 hours) after the fourth and the sixth semester is four and a half years (nine semesters), followed by pre-graduation internship in a pharmacy after the 9th semester (120 working days or 720 hours).

During the first two years, students are trained in basic chemical, physical, biological and medical subjects. Except for the fact that instructions, labs, lectures and examinations are conducted in English, the curriculum of the five-year Programme in Pharmacy taught in English is identical with the coursework pursued by Bulgarian pharmacy students. Learning Bulgarian language is also compulsory during the first two years of the program. Students are required to learn Bulgarian in order to be able to communicate with the patients and in order to avoid the misunderstanding in their future work.

The theoretical training is conducted by obligatory, optional and facultative disciplines, in form of lectures, seminars, practical exercise and self-training. The practical training includes the two training practices in botany and pharmacognosy and pre-graduation internship in a pharmacy.

Under the tutelage of highly trained and productive scientists, the students acquire a solid foundation in chemical and biomedical sciences. This knowledge forms the basis for understanding the wide variety of diseases that a pharmacist must treat. Skilful and experienced teachers guide the students in acquiring theoretical and practical skills and developing professional judgement.

The pre-graduation internship is performed in a pharmacy (community or hospital). After the internship, the education ends with four final state examinations for acquiring the professional qualification Master in Pharmacy.

Upon graduation, students obtain level of qualification "Master of Science in Pharmacy" and educational and qualification degree "Master". The possession of that degree enables the holder to practice in a pharmacy in EU countries. A European Supplement to the Diploma of completed higher education, issued in English language is also provided to graduates of the programme upon graduation.

Since its founding in 2008, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University of Varna develops at a rapid pace and has its own unique profile committed to excellence in education, research and patient care. 

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