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Orientation week


The orientation week at Medical University of Varna includes introductory presentations on different topics as well as many team events. It offers a great opportunity for all new students to become familiar with the city of Varna, Bulgarian culture and the University - its departments, policy, regulations, life and spirit as well as to meet senior student advisers and be welcomed by representatives of the Students Governing body at the University. The orientation week also aims at providing the new incoming students with useful information regarding the new environment and to facilitate your transition to it. 

Participation (is not obligatory but recommendable)  to the orientation week will provide you with an insight of the new challenging environment both in a foreign country and at the University, will give you useful advice on how to cope with the cultural shock you might experience and of course will offer a wonderful time in friendly and fun setting. 

The academic year 2023-24 for first year students (enrolled in the programmes taught in English language at MU-Varna) is expected to start on October 02, 2023.

Our 2023 Orientation week for welcoming the new students will be from September 27th, 2023 till October 01st, 2023.

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