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Preparatory Course in Bulgarian language

(Duration: 9 months)

The preparatory course in Bulgarian for foreign students was designed in 1990 at the Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sports at the Medical University of Varna.

The organization of the Bulgarian language learning process in the preparatory year at MU - Varna is in strict compliance with the state requirements of the Decree for Admission of

Students at the Bulgarian Higher Education Institutions, Part V – "Language and Specialized Preparation for Foreigners admitted as students in the Republic of Bulgaria, Art. 16-19, in its reference to the academic staff, curriculum, syllabi, academic hours, methodological and technological issues of logistics, training stages and taking exams.

The language and specialized preparation is done in accordance with Art. 17 (2, 3) based on the following curriculum:


№           Subject                                                       Academic Hrs

1.            General Bulgarian                                    620 hrs

2.            Introduction to Medical Terminology      230 hrs

3.            Biology                                                        75 hrs

4.            Chemistry                                                   75 hrs

5.            Anatomy                                                      75 hrs

6.            Physics                                                       75 hrs

                Total number of contact hours:             1150 hrs


The language preparation is provided by experienced specialists – Bulgarian philology graduates, and the specialized one by medical doctors and specialists in the respective disciplines. Bulgarian is studied in two stages: General Bulgarian (620 hrs) and Introduction to Medical Terminology (230 hrs), which provides sufficient coverage of the fundamental language requirements for the 1st year at the Medical University. The curriculum and the organization of the preparatory course have been developed over the last 4 years and have amply proved their efficiency. The students having successfully completed the preparatory course at MU – Varna enjoy an excellent academic realization and achieve exceptional results during the exam sessions.