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Why Medical University - Varna

Why Medical University - Varna

Medical University - Varna was founded as a Higher Medical Institute (HMI) in 1960. 1st October 1961, the first day of the first academic year at the first higher medical school in North-Eastern Bulgaria, is deemed to be the date of birth of HMI - Varna. The foundation of the third medical higher education institution in Bulgaria responds to the increasing public demand for highly qualified medical personnel and specialized medical care for the population of this region of the country.

The most modern technologies in education have been implemented at MU-Varna. Students use Blackboard Supplementary e-Learning Platform, with rich content of electronic tools that can be accessed both through their PCs and their mobile phones. 3D technologies - 3D software, 3D scanning and printing, holograms have been widely applied in Anatomy training. Virtual microscopy allows students to observe microscopic preparations at high resolution even from a distance. The "Turning Point Technology" System enables quick assessment of the level of acquisition of the training content in real time through special devices - clickers.

One of the major goals of the education in medical programmes is the harmonization and integration of pre-clinical and clinical training. The University pays special attention and invests considerable funds in the development of simulation training methods. The simulators in the field of surgery, ultrasound, emergency medicine and anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, dental medicine provide students with the opportunity to apply practically what they have learned. A real-time video link is available between the operating and training rooms.

Along with the practice in a simulation environment, the students at MU-Varna have great opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a real environment. MU-Varna has numerous clinical bases, located on the territory of the whole country. The main training base for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students is University Hospital "St. Marina" in Varna - the most modern medical and diagnostic structure in Northeastern Bulgaria, possessing latest generation equipment. The first in our country University pharmacies have been functioning within the University, providing a real training environment for the students majoring in the programmes of Pharmacy and Assistant-Pharmacist. The students at the Faculty of Dental Medicine have the opportunity to study at the first and only in our country University Dental Centre, having at its disposal equipment and apparatus without an analogue.

Plenty of extracurricular practices are being held at Medical University - Varna, such as summer schools, various modules and seminars (emergency medicine, disaster response, maritime medicine, marine accidents, maritime pathophysiology), language practice for international students in Bulgaria. The outstanding students traditionally visit CERN - the world's largest Particle Physics Laboratory in Switzerland.

As a result of the active international relations (the University collaborates with 91 international partners from five continents), guest lecturers from leading universities all over the world pay visits to MU-Varna annually.

Standing firmly behind the conviction that science is the engine of progress in the society, and that it should act in favor of this society, Medical University-Varna makes huge investments in Research and Development, providing its undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students with abundant opportunities to participate at national and international scientific events, in numerous research projects.

The University is actively involved in socially beneficial activities, conducting a variety of social, health and information campaigns, organized by students and lecturers such as blood donation, Diabetes campaigns, anti-AIDS campaigns, oral health promotion campaigns, etc.

The University has provided all necessary prerequisites not only for a smooth-running training process, but also for maximum facilitating students from an administrative point of view. Through information and communication platforms - web students and web teacher, the students at MU-Varna are able to certify disciplines and semesters; apply and check their ranking for scholarships and student residence; pay their fees electronically.

The Varna Medical University offers its students a modern environment with unlimited opportunities to develop themselves. Besides the state-of-the-art laboratories and training facilities for practice, a library with electronic reading rooms and access to the world's best information databases, the University provides its students with modern sports facilities and professional coaches in football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and boxing. The Medical University in Varna is the only one in the country offering its students sailing training programmes on board its own sailing boats. Music, dance and theatre lovers are welcome to join the University rock band, the folk dance troupe or the student theatre troupe.