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Международна дейност

Erasmus Policy Statement

The ultimate goal of our academic institution is to develop and produce high quality human resources, fully adaptable to the standards and requirements of the enlarging European labor market.

The international cooperation and mobility are a priority for the University’s management, its academic community and the students. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new European partnerships, ready to sign bilateral agreements for implementation of student and staff mobilities.

All members of our academic community have the right and possibility to initiate a procedure for inter-institutional agreement on the base of their professional relations.

When choosing our strategic partnerships, we take into account their geographical and subject area priorities as well as our institutional capacity.

We establish partnerships with universities and hospitals not only from Europe but also with institutions all over the world. An integral part of all our inter-institutional agreements is the student and staff exchange, the transfer of information, knowledge, practical skills and know-how.

We are looking for partners with high scientific and research achievements in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health and other social sciences.

Since 2003, when Medical University - Varna was first awarded the Erasmus University Charter, our major priority has been to provide incentives for students’ and staff mobility across Europe. We offer our students and staff the opportunity to perform academic study visits and training abroad, in recognized European academic institutions, and to have the chance to enrich educationally, linguistically and culturally by studying in a country different from their native one. The purpose is to benefit from the experience gained in a partner European institution by transferring information, knowledge, practical skills and know-how.

All target groups will benefit from the future mobility activities in our institution:

Academic and non-academic staff – the staff mobility enhances the competence and the motivation of teachers and researchers.

Students – they adapt their specific knowledge and practical skills to the European health care and medical requirements and standards.

A significant part of our institutional international strategy is the establishment of joint master programmes with partner institution from EU and non-EU countries. Our purpose is to improve the quality and the relevance of higher education, to attract students, academics and researchers from all over the world and to contribute to the progress of the medical science and human health.

The participation in European and international cooperation projects is integrated in our institution’s modernization and internationalization strategy. Medical University – Varna has a long experience in organization and implementation of national and international projects and programs for enhancing the quality of its educational, scientific and research activities. The international cooperation between European medical institutions and our university is essential, in order to participate in other major Programme activities, such as: intensive programmes; multilateral projects for development of new teaching plans and modernisation of higher education; projects for virtual universities, and finally, the creation of thematic networks, involving consortium of partner academic institutions, scientific societies, professional organisations, and business partners from the public and private sector. We are convinced that only through international cooperation and partnership we can meet the challenges of the world globalisation and fulfill our mission.

Increasing higher education attainment levels is very important for our institution, taking into account Europe’s graduates and researchers needs and especially the lack of medical specialists in Bulgaria and Europe. The participation in the Programme increases the competence and the motivation of the teachers and researchers. The opportunity to obtain rich international scientific experience attracts more students and researchers to the institution. The participation in the Programme substantially improves the quality and the relevance of the delivered higher education. The mobility participants adapt their knowledge and skills to the international requirements and medical standards. They share their valuable experience helping their colleagues, their patients and hospitals. The mobility strengthens the cross-border co-operation between Medical University – Varna and our international partners. It becomes a base for further scientific and research collaboration.