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Surgeons from All over the World Exchanged Experience during the 18th International Congress on Colorectal Surgery in Varna

Leading specialists from Bulgaria and abroad took part in the 18th International Congress on Colorectal Surgery in Golden Sands Resort. They discussed the innovations and shared their experience in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of the diseases in this field. Organisers of the prestigious 18th International Congress on Colorectal Surgery were the Department of General and Operative Surgery at Medical University-Varna, First Clinic of Surgery at UMHAT “St. Marina"–Varna, the Bulgarian Surgical Society and the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria. Chairman of the Organising Committee was Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, and Honorary Chairmen were Prof. Dr. Temelko Temelkov and Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov. Innovations and achievements in the field of Robotic Surgery were in the spotlight of this year's International Congress. Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov explained that it had a leading place in the treatment of colorectal diseases. “Robot-assisted surgeries are minimally invasive and pose no risk to patients." The forum also discussed Personalised Medicine, genetic studies in the field of colorectal oncological diseases and inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract. Guest lecturers at the event were Prof. Dr. Nikola Vladov from the Military Medical Academy in Sofia, Prof. Dr. Isidoro di Carlo and Dr. Giulio Santoro from Italy, Dr. Oliver Schwandner from Germany, etc. For the first time in four years, the specialists had the opportunity to attend the forum live and exchange their experience in Colorectal and Abdominal Surgery. Prof. Dr. Isidoro di Carlo from the University of Catania in Italy pointed out that the International Congress was of great importance as it provided doctors with the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the field of Surgery and help patients even more successfully. At the forum Prof. Giulio Santoro from the Regional Hospital in Treviso, Italy, accentuated on the importance of regular prophylactic examinations for the timely detection of oncological diseases. “Protocols for monitoring patients between 50 and 70 years of age are of crucial importance. In routine colon cancer screenings, we detect tumours at an early stage and treat them with almost 100 % success rates." The lectures delivered by the participants at the Congress were filmed by a professional team and will be published in the unique to Bulgaria virtual academy of surgery “GI Surgery Academy". Thus, the surgical and therapeutic experience shared by the specialists will become accessible and visible to the international surgical community.​

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