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Scientific researches in anatomy made by 4th year Medicine students

It`s in the beginning of March and we are at one of the laboratories of the Anatomy and Cell Biology department. Andreas Kontny and Alexander Maucher are working hard. Thanks to the MU-Varna management they have the opportunity to carry out their own scientific researches in anatomy. Andreas is a 4th year medicine student, who also works as a tutor at the anatomy department. He spends every free minute in the lab on a research in cell biology. He experiments on monkey and rat eye tissue using immunofluorescence methods. His research should identify neurogenesis and cell proliferation in monkey eyes after ischemia. After preparing the tissue for frozen section inside the cryostat, he produces thin sections and transfers them on glass slides. These are ready for staining with different antibodies and fluorochromes. Finally the tissue-section can be observed under the microscope with special illumination and beautiful images can be obtained with the installed cameras. On the other hand Alexander, who is a 4th year Medicine student as well, has focused on research that involves brain tissue which is made transparent by "Advanced Tissue Clearance" methods. The processed tissue can then be stained with Immunofluorescence and be observed under a microscope. The talented students are helped every day by the lab staff – Elena Boeva and Neranza Furnadzhieva. Photos by Petko Momchilov

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