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The new academic 2021-2022 academic year in MU-Varna

The new academic year 2021/2022 at Medical University – Varna was launched on 13th September. Nearly 1 500 first-year students, 350 of whom are international students, start their training in Medicine and Dental Medicine. By tradition, the competition among the applicants for all training programmes has been very high. The total number of students at Medical University - Varna exceeds 6 100. The first-year students were welcomed to the Faculties of the University and the Medical College following a preliminary schedule. The welcome ceremony for the new students was in accordance with the current epidemic situation in the country, observing all safety measures. The new academic year was also opened at the Affiliates of MU – Varna in Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo and Shumen, where students are trained in Nursing and Midwifery. Classes at MU – Varna start on 14th September. The submission of documents of the applicants for the Master's programmes at the Faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Pharmacy is still under way. The modern training facilities for pre-clinical and clinical training, the state-ot-the-art interactive training and the opportunities for sports, culture and entertainment attract to MU – Varna thousands of applicants from all over the world every year. The Medical University in Varna is focused on modern and innovative teaching methods. A special emphasis is placed on innovation and implementation of information and communication technologies in the training process. New forms of education in line with the best modern practices worldwide are constantly being sought. The investments in educational infrastructure and in clinical training facilities also rank MU – Varna among the leading preferred medical universities not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe and worldwide.

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