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UMHAT “St. Marina”-Varna Marks Its Patron Holiday

The Varna University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment “Saint Marina"-Varna has achieved excellent results in the implementation of its activities, despite the challenges. Over the first five months of the year, the company has invested BGN 25 172 918.22 in its employees, with BGN 10 877 241.42 being transferred to the state budget for insurance and taxes. The average gross salary for the period from January to May 2023 amounted to BGN 1 525,20 per orderly, BGN 2 762,79 per health care professional, BGN 4 904,73 per doctor. UMHAT “Saint Marina" relies on a stable personnel resource. The main training facilities of Medical University-Varna are the workplace of 2 014 employees – long-term experienced professionals – university lecturers, and newly employed young professionals. Medical University-Varna and UMHAT “Saint Marina" support the career development of their employees not only in their own structures but they also provide qualified personnel for other medical institutions and settlements. All management positions are held after a competition. The health institution invariably achieves better and better results through consistently improving every facet of its activities. State-of-the art equipment as well as unique methods for diagnostics, therapeutic, conservative and surgical treatment are successfully applied at the hospital. The company HAS NO arrears. A total number of 28 483 patients has passed through UMHAT “Saint Marina"–Varna within the six-month period. In the Multiprofile Emergency Department, 21 072 examinations have been carried out for persons who needed medical care. The management of the University Hospital extended gratitude to all the employees for their professionalism and dedication to the patients. Medical University-Varna and University Hospital “St. Marina" are a successful example of socially significant cooperation between a university and a hospital.​

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