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Establishment of the Varna Medical Society

In the first years after the Liberation of Bulgaria, when education and welfare were equivalent concepts, Varna became attractive to Bulgarians and foreigners who had been educated throughout Europe. The accumulation of intellectual potential, financial opportunities and diverse interests prompted the progressive development of plenty of spheres in the life of the city.

The Varna Medical Society was established exactly at that time, on 10th December 1883 in Varna. This marked the beginning of the organization of the professional and scientific life of medical specialists on the territory of the city. The founders were erudite professionals, highly qualified and united under such values as the doctor's duty and their commitment to the society.

The first Chairman of the Society was Dr. Miron Vassilievich Ignatov, and his deputy was Dr. Angel Puskyuliev. Among the other founders of the Society were the military medical doctors Dr. Zhelyu Radev, Dr. Yordan Sevov, Dr. Stoycho Yordanov, the district doctor Dr. Boris Oks, the head of Varna First Class Hospital Dr. Nikola Ivanov, as well as Dr. Boris Sheinin. Later on, the first female doctor Dr. Anastasia Golovina joined them, as well as Dr. Aleksandar Nedyialkov and Dr. Jonas Basanavichus.

The objectives of the Society are set out in its Statute:

  1. To serve the members of the Society as a means of further scientific and practical medical education.
  2. To study the local sanitary conditions and needs and to assist the administration in solving sanitary issues.
  3. To disseminate to the public the right concepts on maintaining health and prevention.

The time when the Varna Medical Society originated was after the Liberation. At that time the number of doctors in Bulgaria was only 116, the conditions in the few hospitals were primitive, so in the first years it was extremely important to provide medical books, specialized periodicals, to buy equipment, to print enlightenment materials and to organize lectures. They discussed interesting cases from the practice, collected data on the application of anti-viral vaccine for the tuberculosis sufferers. Public issues were discussed, such as finding a suitable place for building a high school, the rules for sea bathing and building slaughterhouses, and in the end, the solutions were submitted to the municipal government. This was the launch of public health care in Varna.