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Open Doors Day at the Robotic Surgery Centre at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna

Open Doors Day at the Robotic Surgery Centre at the Department of General and Operative Surgery of MU-Varna and demonstration of the first Da Vinci Xi robotic system in Varna was held today at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna.

The Robotic Surgery Centre is a project co-financed by the Operational Programme "Science and Education for Intelligent Growth" and the European Regional Development Fund. Its functions are focused on the diagnosis and therapy of a wide scope of surgical diseases in the field of the digestive tract, the organs of the abdominal cavity, urological and thoracic surgery, etc., fully and successfully implementing modern methods in research, clinical practice and in the training of students. Its launching on the territory of Northeastern Bulgaria provides an opportunity for remote access for more specialists from different specialties to perform joint laparoscopic operations.
The latest fourth-generation surgical robot Da Vinci Xi has been installed at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna. This is the most state-of-the-art and the most advanced computer-assisted technology for minimally invasive surgery in Bulgaria, which allows the use of the latest generations of surgical instruments, which are used to perform extremely elegant and patient - friendly surgeries. This ensures patient’s rapid recovery with minimal trauma, pain and post-operative control, as well as a reduced risk of infection and better cosmetic results. The Da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system provides a modification that allows access to all abdominal quadrants without the need for positioning and repositioning. It is equipped with four movable arms providing simultaneous access to four working quadrants. An advantage of the Da Vinci Xi system is the presence of a touchpad and voice assistant.

The first robot-assisted surgical intervention has been performed by Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov. MU - Varna and UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna have been training four teams that are capable of performing the whole spectrum of surgical interventions in the field of abdominal surgery and urology. The system is equipped with built-in simulators through which young surgeons will be trained and will acquire the necessary skills. The teams, led by the Rector of MU - Varna Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, have undergone training in leading European clinics and have the ambition to become a training centre for highly qualified doctors for robotic surgery.
The capabilities of the Da Vinci Xi robotic system were presented to the public during the open doors day by Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev, Head of the Department of General and Operative Surgery at MU - Varna, Dr. Rostislav Marinov from the Urology Clinic at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna and Dr. Martin Karamanliev from MU - Pleven. Later on, everyone attended a demonstration at the Robotic Surgery Centre.