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PhD students’ admission on a self-study basis

The admission of PhD students on a self-study basis is without any examination during the whole academic year. The applicant submits to the Head of the department his/her PhD thesis in its main part and bibliography in order to be discussed. Discussion is held during the Departmental Council meeting where positive or negative decision is taken on the presented project by open ballot.  When the decision taken by the Departmental Council is positive, the Head of the department writes a report to the Rector about the PhD student's enrollment on a self-study basis. For discussion and voting by Faculty Council, the applicant should submit a set of documents to the Scientific Department.  For more information, please e-mail to doktorantite@abv.bgThe Faculty Council elects the PhD student and takes a decision for enrollment by open ballot and simple majority. The scientific tutor, who is elected after the Council's proposal by the primary unit, is included in the decision. A senior academic in the respective specialty is elected as a scientific tutor.

The Rector of MU-Varna, based on a Faculty Council decision, issues an order for the PhD student's enrollment.  In the Rector's order for enrollment the following is included: 

а) Reason for enrollment

b) Type of PhD training – regular (state or paid), on a self-study basis;

c) The Faculty and the department in which the training is conducted;

d) Duration of training;

e) Topic of the PhD thesis;

f) Scientific area and specialty;

g) Scientific tutor and scientific advisor. When there is interdisciplinary PhD thesis it may be two tutors or one tutor and a scientific advisor. 


If the PhD applicant for self-study is a person external to MU-Varna, he/she pays tuition fees for at least two semesters, determined by the Academic Council at MU-Varna, when he/she enrolls. Enrollment of PhD students on a self-study basis is feasible after the submission of the following additional documents:

1. Bank receipt for a paid tuition fee to MU-Varna

2. Signed Agreement between the Rector of MU-Varna and the PhD student

A PhD student on a self-study who has a labour contract with MU-Varna is trained free of charge

Accredited PhD programmes at MU-Varna

For more information, please contact:

Department of Scientific activities,

Organizer "Career development"
Vanya Kupenova Dimitrova 
Admission hours: 14.30 - 17.00

Organizer "Scientific activity"
Bilyana Stoyanova Naydenova
Tel.: +359 52 677 055 
Admission hours: 14.30 - 17.00