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Academic support and coordinators

Head of the English language programmes in Medicine and Dental Medicine

Prof. Lubomir Makedonski, PhD
e-mail: ;;
T: +35952 677 050; ext. 2892
Mobile: +359 882 215 566

The Head of the English language programmes:

  • works closely with all the academic coordinators from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dental Medicine responsible for the relevant courses in assisting, advising and solving problems;
  • assists the Office of Educational Affairs in the recognition of prior learning process and applications;
  • coordinates the social events for students;
  • assists in solving academic or any social (daily) problems students might have;
  • assists the Office of Educational Affairs in the admission campaigns for foreign students.


Academic coordinators

First-year students

Assist. Prof. Veselina Panayotova;

e-mail:, T: + 35952 677 050, ext. 2948

Assist. Prof. Yanka Baneva;

e-mail:, T: + 359 52 677 258

Second-year students

Assist. Prof. Dimo Stoyanov, MD;
e-mail:; T: +35952 677 063

Assist. Prof. Marin Zhelezov, MD
e-mail:; T: +359 52 677 052

Third-year students

Assist. Prof. Darina Ivanova, MD;
e-mail:; T: +359 52 978 299
Assoc. Prof. Margarita Stefanova, MD, PhD;
e-mail:; T: +35952 677 072

Fourth-year students
Assist. Prof. Nadezhda Stefanova, MD;
e-mail:; T: +359 52 978 233

Fifth-year students
Assist. Prof. Mariya Dimova, MD;
e-mail:; T: +35952 302 851
Sixth-year students
Assist. Prof. Mariya Dimova, MD;
e-mail:; T: +35952 302 851

The academic coordinator:

  • develops the weekly schedules;
  • develops the examination session schedules;
  • assists students in case of any academic problem;
  • provides assistance to transfer students in regards to organization of covering the additional equivalence requirements (when additional number of academic hours of training and sitting an equivalence examination) is required;
  • assists in student counselling (for any social and daily issues) and support services in a discreet and ethical way.