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Sailing is one of the most ancient ways of navigation. So far it has been a symbol of prestige and high class and has been available in the world's most elite universities, including Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Brown.

In sports terms it enables people at different ages to experience the magic and beauty of the sea, maintaining good physical shape and developing a sense of balance and teamwork. Mastering the wind and the ability to navigate a sailing boat in the direction you choose is a challenge that requires synchronization and work from everyone on board.

Since 2014-2015 academic year Medical University - Varna has succeeded in turning sailing into a traditional and emblematic part of the students' sports training. Over the last three years the course participants have participated successfully in the Varna Channel Cup Regatta.

The course is divided into two groups - beginners and advanced level, depending on the experience gained so far and / or their participation in previous courses. It is conducted in English. Individual training programmes and schedules for conducting the theoretical module and water practice are prepared.

Introduction to Sailing Sports – Beginners

The course provides basic knowledge on the structure and principles of the movement of the yacht, meteorology and coastal navigation, as well as skills for navigation of a sailing yacht in calm waters.

Introduction to Competitive Sailing – Advanced Level

The course provides in-depth knowledge on the structure of the sailing yacht and basic knowledge on competitive sailing rules; skills for navigation of sailing yachts under moderate weather conditions; crew capacity for sailing regattas.

Each level includes 10 hours of theoretical training and 20 hours of practical training.

A manager and coach is Yavor Kolev, under whose instruction 114 students from MU- Varna have been trained within the period of 2014-2017.

The vessels available for training at the University are sailing boat Bavaria 46 Cruiser and motor boat Bavaria 29 Sport.

Bavaria 46 Cruiser offers an awesome sailing experience, comfort and all amenities. It is suitable for training and sports.

Bavaria 29 Sport, a high speed motor boat, guarantees safety, security and support to the University Sailing Team in every situation and provides opportunities for developing complementary activities.