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Summer practice

Third- and fourth-year medical students are required to complete a 30 days long mandatory summer practice in an accredited hospital or clinic. The summer practice at Medical University of Varna University hospital starts right after the regular examination session for those students without outstanding examinations and after the retake session for students with outstanding exam(s) in compliance with the developed schedule by the Dean's office.

The schedule for the summer practice conducted in Bulgaria is developed in June every year.

Upon certification of the summer semester in the end of May, students are handed a diary for the summer practice with guidelines and evaluation forms.

Students who intend to perform the compulsory summer practice abroad should first have the permission of the Dean. A request form, accompanied by a "Letter of acceptance" shall be submitted at the Dean's office not later than 31st of May of the relevant academic year.

The "Letter of acceptance" shall indicate the Department in which the practice will be conducted, as well as the time line and that the hospital is accredited as a teaching base by the country concerned.

Note: the "Letter of acceptance" shall be in English or Bulgarian language.

At the completion of the practice, the diary book together with the evaluation forms shall be filled in, signed, stamped and later on submitted to the Office of the Registrar upon registration for the following academic year.