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Training facilities

Since the practical training in MU - Varna is an important part of the general training course, the University has a rich educational base for training both students and doctoral students and graduate physicians. The training in the clinical medical disciplines is carried out in the five hospital facilities, comprising a total area of 2 940 square meters and 1 696 hospital beds. At “St. Marina” University Hospital, “St. Anna” University Hospital, “Prof. D. Stamatov” Specialized Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Varna, the Specialized Eye Hospital - Varna, the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Regional Health Inspection and Medical College – Varna all the medical specialities are deployed and all the levels of practical and theoretical training of students are covered with modern high-tech diagnostic units, equipped both with conventional and unique equipment.

“St. Marina” University Hospital - Varna is the largest diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative hospital complex in the Northern and Eastern region, rendering services to the population of the whole country. For the convenience of the students the hospital has at its disposal several auditoria that enable the future doctors to combine together the practical and theoretical activities. During the breaks between the lectures and the exercises the students can use the e-Library here – a part of the digitized and centralized library system of the University. The hospital has some of the most modern and highly specialized facilities and equipment in the country (gamma camera, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PET CT with a cyclotron, CT Dual-Source), allowing the availability of various medical services and the application of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. In the clinics the future doctors gain expertise and experience from highly qualified specialists. The students, postgraduates and doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in different international symposia and seminars.

A Training Panel is implemented in the Intranet system of the University Hospital, which provides additional learning opportunities for students, trainees, postgraduates and doctoral students.

The classical models of training are skillfully combined with modern technologies. For example, the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology has at its disposal one of the richest museum collections in the country, which has been collected for more than 50 years, including 422 bone and organ preparations - an invaluable resource for the students in the process of learning the fundamental disciplines in medicine. Meanwhile, at any time by means of the mobile technologies, the future physicians can have quick access to various digital textbooks and materials to reinforce, practice, test and evaluate the knowledge they have gained.