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Health insurance

Foreign students are self-insured. A general health insurance valid for Bulgaria is a requirement for registration for each semester at the University. Students have to sign up for a medical insurance either for a year (covering the period of the academic year) or for the whole period of training at the University. If the Health Insurance is signed in a foreign country it is required upon enrolment at the University the student to submit an official translation of the signed Health Insurance in Bulgarian language. EU citizens submit a copy of their EHIC.

European Health Insurance Card: According to the European Union law, citizens from EU and EEA countries are subjects of free medical care in emergency cases, provided they have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at hand. Make sure to bring this card if you are EU citizen upon your arrival to Bulgaria, because you will need it when you go to see a doctor.

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Please note that: A valid health insurance for the territory of Bulgaria and the period of training is mandatory for registration at the local migration office as well as for the academic year!