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Counseling and Psychological Services

Dear colleagues,

Being a medical specialist comes with the constant struggle to balance work, stress and personal life.

Being a medical student comes with the same challenges, but also with the struggle to live alone, for some of you in a foreign country in a different culture, away from your family and friends, to become part of a new team, to achieve good results for short time, under great pressure.

All these and many other challenges you could face during your years of education will prepare you for the job of a doctor, but for certain periods could negatively impact your performance if you don't have the right mechanisms of stress management.

The stress could have many faces- from problems with sleep, heart racing, trembling, poor concentration, negative thoughts about the future, to panic attacks and depression.

In order to help you to go through these important years in the University with less stress and achieve the best possible results we announce the start of a new counseling program for students in the Medical University.

You can book an appointment with a specialist by sending a request via е-mail to:

assist. prof. Tatyana Telbizova, MD, PhD – psychiatrist, e-mail:, or

assist. prof. Miglena Kalendzhieva, PhD – psychologist, e-mail:

The consultations are confidential and free of charge for students from the Medical University.