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Migration office & Residence permits

Reception hours:
Monday – Friday
08:30 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
13:00 p.m. – 17:30 p.m.
Address: №1 "San Stefano Street", Varna
Phone numbers: +35952 652 349 and +35952 652 347
As a Student in Varna you are obliged to register as a "long-term-resident" in Bulgaria. For this purpose it is necessary to pay a few visits to the Migration office of Varna.

You are strongly advised to register yourself, because it is necessary to sign in for the second semester!

Following documents are required:

1. Application form (you will receive it directly from the Migration office): the first half is translated in English, the second half not
2. Copy of the national passport or ID card
3. Rental contract as proof of address

  • The landlord should sign you an original contract
  • Together with the landlord/or the authority you have to go to the notary to confirm the rightfulness of the contract
4. Copy of a health insurance card/proof of health insurance (for EU citizens) and compulsory health insurance for the duration of residence in Bulgaria (for non-EU citizens)
5. The original certificate of enrolment, which is available for you in the Students Affairs Office after a successful enrolment to the semester. For Non-EU students: you shall also submit a copy of their Certificate issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education
6. Proof of possession of financial means to cover the expenses for the duration of residence in Bulgaria:

  • A copy of your credit card (EU-citizens) and a certified copy of the declaration for financial support (for non-EU citizens)
  • When you visit the migration office for the first time, then you have to ask them for a declaration. With this you will go to the notary (the nearest one is: ul. "27-mi yuli" 1, 9000 Varna Center) and sign it there (costs about 10 leva)
7. Document for paid fee. In order to get the residence permit you have to pay:

  • First time, you have to pay 20,10 leva at the bank around the corner next to the migration office
  • The Second time, it depends on you, how quick you want the passport (normally 30 days is fine):

 - For EU citizens:
For 30 days – 18 leva (+2,10 taxes for the bank)
For 3 days – 36 leva (+2,10 taxes for the bank)

- For non-EU citizens:
Residence: 6 months – 200 leva; 12 months – 500 leva

ID card-processing period: for 30 days – 45 leva (+2,10 taxes); for 10 days – 90 leva; for 3 days – 225 leva
(Each time you pay you will get two bills, one for you, one for the migration office)
If you are a first year student, you are strongly advised to take a student from an upper course with you, because they can speak/read Bulgarian and will help you, filling out the documents.