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Reception hours

Office of the Registrar (Dean's Office or Student Affairs Office)

The Office of the Registrar of the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for student enrolment and registration, enrolment verification, grading and academic records maintenance and protection of the privacy of students personal data, fee assessment, verifying graduation, diplomas, student data/statistical analysis, and transcript services. A principal responsibility of the Office is creating and maintaining each student's permanent academic file (paper based and electronic). In addition to responsibilities listed above the office is responsible for tracking grades received, tracking student status changes.

The office of the Registrar also provides services to the faculty staff and instructors. These responsibilities, assignments and services are completed within institutional policies and standards as well as related state regulations. Our mission is centred on providing academic support to students, faculty, and staff in a convenient, responsive, and accurate manner. We commit ourselves to successfully fulfilling our role in support of the educational mission of the university.


Student Affairs Officers:

Dilyana Panayotova

Diyana Nikolova

Sirma Draganova

Viliana Panteleeva



55 Marin Drinov Street, room 205

9002 Varna, Bulgaria

Phone number: +359 52 677 087



Office hours with students:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

10:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. and 13:30 p.m.- 15:30 p.m.


Dean of the Faculty of Medicine admission hour:

Wednesday 15:30-16:30