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Rules of conduct

As a student of Medical University of Varna you shall accept the responsibility and privilege of studying medicine. You shall commit yourself to serve the community, society and the profession, to achieve and upholding the highest professional standards of ethics throughout the academic studies and the clinical internships.

The administrative management and the faculty at Medical University of Varna advise all students in the Program of Medicine to abide the following rules of conduct.

Medical students:

  1. Shall recognize and acknowledge their responsibility to patients;

  2. Shall regard confidentiality as an obligation of patient care and treat patients and their families with respect;

  3. Shall not tolerate discrimination in patient care on the basis of race, color, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or on the basis of socioeconomic status;

  4. Shall be able to team work;

  5. Shall not allow competitiveness with colleagues to adversely affect patient care;

  6. Medical students` demeanor, behavior, use of language, and personal appearance in the presence of patients, in the classroom, and in health care settings shall be professional;

  7. Shall understand and appreciate the sacrifice of individuals who provided their bodies for the benefit of your learning and therefore will treat cadavers with the greatest respect;

  8. Shall not receive help in examinations or assignments unless permitted by the instructor!

  9. Shall treat their teachers and instructors with respect and dignity;

  10. Shall acknowledge the importance of participating in activities that contribute to improving the health of society;