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State pre-graduate internship and graduation

​State pre-graduate internship

Pre-graduate state internship and state exam schedule ​2020/2021


Deadlines and documents for graduation

After the successful completion of the 6-year course of the academic studies in the programme of Dental Medicine, students are awarded a Diploma of completed higher education. Graduates are conferred an educational and qualification degree – Master, professional qualification – D.M.D.

MU-Varna shall prepare the diplomas of graduates within four months from the acquisition of their right to be graduate – successful passing of the final state examination.

Students shall submit to the Office of the Registrar:

  • Application form
  • Copy of the student's book (index book)
  • Record book for the Pre-graduate State Internship
  • Confirmation of payment of the fee for issuing a diploma

The pictures for the diplomas are taken not later than the last state examination in room 316 by the University's photographer.

An announcement for graduation ceremony