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1. When conducting an electronic exam via BLACKBOARD, the examining unit (department) is required to provide at least two quaestors per classroom to attend the exam throughout the entire exam period. Blackboard representatives are not examiners and are ONLY obliged to provide technical and software support during the electronic exams (if such is needed) – i.e. exam settings, student profile issues, responding to technical problems, etc.

2. Students should be advised by their examiners in advance to check that they have no problem signing in Blackboard with their username and password. This step is needed to ensure that students will have no issues when the exam starts.

3. Before the beginning of any exam, the instructor / examiner should inform students of the way the exam is being set and about different details related to its specifics. If students have questions before, during or after the completion of the exam, ONLY examiners are allowed to provide clarifications or additional information.

4. When entering the examination room, students are required to leave their bags, telephones and other electronic devices in a designated location. Examiners give instructions and organize the seat occupancy. If a second mobile phone or other mobile electronic device is found in a student during the examination, regardless if the device is on or off, is considered a proven attempt to cheat and will be penalized under Art. 197 (1) of the Regulations on Educational Affairs of the Medical University of Varna.

5. Examiners are required to monitor the examination process. If a candidate is suspected of cheating, examiners shall disqualify the candidate from the examination in the course concerned. This rule is based on Art. 197 paragraph 1 of the Regulations on Educational Affairs of the Medical University of Varna, which reads:
            Art. 197. (1) (Amended and supplemented - 23.01.2017) "Upon proven copying during current control, semester examination, state examination or plagiarism committed by a student in the development of independent work, he/she shall be penalized with a poor mark, deprivation of the right to sit for an examination in the respective discipline for the academic year and a suspension warning. For repeated offence - the student shall be suspended for a specified by the Rector period of time."
Every violation of the abovementioned rules should be reported to the Dean with a copy of the report send to the director of the Center for Distant and Electronic Learning.

6. In order to effectively use the test venues, students are not allowed to stay in the computer rooms after completing and submitting the test. Students should inform the examiners that they have completed the exam. Students are invited to leave the computer room after submitting the exam.

Assoc.Prof. Ivan Merdzhanov, PhD
Director of the Center for Distant and Electronic Learning